Sunday, 14 February 2010

I am Disgusted!

If you watched the news this evening, you would have seen a very disturbing image of a burnt infant body. The news is here in NST reported by Bernama.

Words fails me to describe the abhorrent act of burning a newborn baby! Questions keeps shadowing my thoughts in trying to understand the reason why such cruelty in human nature exist?

What are the mental state of the person while torching the infant? How did he/she become that way? Did he/she feels anger with the baby? Did he/she feels a shame? Is the baby a symbol of social stigma? How did it become that way? Did our education system fails us at the very least in creating a caring person? Did our society fails to create an environment of support? Did he/she have a mental imbalance? Was it hormone? Was it pyschosis?

Can we make sense of all these? Should we?

Events like this and many more makes me lose hope with the future of our humanity. Again, there is no word for me to express this feeling.

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