Saturday, 3 May 2008

World Press Freedom Day

Today is the day we 'celebrate' the freedom of our press and also to pay tribute to journalist that have 'fallen' in the line of duty.

It is timely for me to remind myself and all, the importance of having a free, fair and credible press. A trustworthy press that holds itself with dignity and integrity will undoubtedly advanced the cause of the people and also democracy. The press should be seen as the Fourth Estate, that forces the other state arms (Judiciary, Legislative, Executive) to be accountable to the people.

Such qualities of press are unfortunately lacking within this nation of ours. It is up to us to demand a better press.

A Requiem for the Fallen:

Arise, arise, O! you who have fallen,
your tears and blood shall not be forsaken,
your legacy and faith shall not be forgotten,
lest we the living forever be silence.

Arise, arise, O! you who have martyred,
your glory awaits you in the hall of the Departed,
your battles are o'er but alas not the war,
we the living shall fight the oppressor.

Arise, arise, O! you who have fallen,
we the living shall be unforgiven.

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