Monday, 5 May 2008

Prevention of Lightning Fatality While Showering

I'm sure by now that most of you have heard that the ministry of Foreign Affair is proposing to the government requiring solo oversea traveling female consent from their family before journeying to prevent them being used as 'mule' for drug traffickers.

In the same vein as this proposal, I'm also proposing that we put in the Penal Code the crime of showering during lightning storm. We all know that there is a possibility (no matter how small) of being electrocuted while showering during lightning storms. This incident could even be fatal to the individual involved. So as to stop people from being harmed from this situation, I proposed that we equate the action of showering during lightning storms to that of trying to kill one self, which is a criminal offense. Thus punishable for jail terms and/or caning.

Hopefully with this proposal, we can reduce the number of possible death by lightning electrocution during shower.


FairyGodmother said...

does this include any other errr toilet activities?

Amryl said...

as long as it is detrimental to health and life, yes it is included.