Monday, 20 August 2007

50th Merdeka Series (3)

When it comes to the issue of patriotism for this lovely nation of ours, I'm too passionate to the point of being argumentative about it. Heh!.. Here is a list of 10 patriotic things that you can do that do not involve putting up flags, wearing flags, drawing flags or anything that is even remotely related to flags.

1) Read and understand the Federal Constitution. This is the pillar of the nation, folks! This is where all the important statements of our nation resides. This is the reason for our nations being. Without the Constitutions, we wouldn't have this nation.

2) Understand how the government functions. This is related to the above and also no. 3. Knowing how the mechanism of government works will let you all be able to govern the nation properly. Yes you read me right. ALL OF YOU have the rights to govern this nations!

3) For those that have reached the age of 21, go and register yourselves with the Election Commissions (EC). When the time comes for you to elect your representative, choose properly, pick the one that you believe will make a positive change to this country.

4) Earn a living and pay taxes. This is the least contribution you can do to propel this country to greatness. Also by paying taxes, you can now hold the government accountable to your money. A very important step to no. 5.

5) Be involve with the socio-political situations of our nation. Be part of the debates to define and change this country for the better. Be part of the polity. Use your rights of speech to point out what is good and what is bad for this nation. Advice and reprimand the government should you believe they have erred.

6) Read on the history of this nation. In simple term, "Knowing Malaysia is to Love Malaysia". This is related to no.1 and 2.

7) Obey the law and rules that is in place. If you don't agree with it then go back to no. 5.

8) Smile. It will do wonders!...If all 26 + millions of Malaysian citizen smiles just imagine the impact towards our Malaysian attitude!

9) Save resources and follow the 3 R's. We have the responsibility to ensure that our future generations will be able to have a livable place to stay!

10) Make a list of 10 patriotic things that you can do that does not involve flags and the above list!

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