Friday, 4 April 2008

Fitna the Movie (Short film to be exact)

Finally, after reading about it sometime ago, the movie is out. I had guess the reaction to the clips would be 'explosives', pun intended. And it was badly accepted by the majority of Muslims. At first I was quite hesitant about watching it, but then if I don't watch it, how can I comment on it. So, I managed to watch it in youtube. After watching it, I had a conversation with Farrish through gmail on this issue. And this is what we discussed:

23:14 me: salam
Farrish: salam
wassssaaappp bro
23:15 me: writing my blog...
on fitna
Farrish: aaaaa
23:17 me: before that...i have to watch it first
Farrish: is it still available?
tot it was put down?
me: it's in youtube
flagged though
Farrish: damn
23:19 me:

23:27 me: done watching
Farrish: not yet
half done
me: k
nothing much really...
23:28 i was expecting more interesting scenes..
or at least better cinematography..
23:32 Farrish: ok
23:33 me: so how was it?
not really oscar type
Farrish: hahaha
dat guy who did fahrenheit 911 was better la
me: moore?
Farrish: yeah
but still
23:34 me: yeah, he did a better documentary
Farrish: makes my blood boil just watching it
me: why?
Farrish: did u watch it?
me: yeah...
Farrish: i mean apart from the cinematography and all?
me: ohh...that...
23:35 a very skewed view on islam..
Farrish: very
me: happens
Farrish: and worst part
i read da commetns at the bottom
just sad to see so much hatred
me: didn't read that much of the comment
23:36 most of them are sub-literate anyway
Farrish: yeap
me: i bet some of them get their infos from youtube..
23:37 Farrish: haha
me: seeing how most have a short attention span
Farrish: call it selective memories then
me: the 10 mins youtube clips would be their bread and butter for info..
anyway...not really that awe-inspiring..
Farrish: nah
23:38 me: it's just a cut and paste thing
Farrish: just something to rile the non-muslims against us
me: with very little editting..
Farrish: yup
me: i heard about this clip for quite sometime now..
Farrish: mostly from cnn and other news source
me: more than 3 months i think
Farrish: u did?
me: yep..
Farrish: so long ago?
23:39 damn
me: he was planning this since last year i think..
Farrish: crap
me: he needs a better director i think
or at least better editor and special effect
Farrish: think he save cost and directed it himself i guess
and the edditing
23:40 and the cinematography
me: yeah...very unprofessional way of directing
Farrish: yup
da cut and paste way
sounds like plagersm...
me: hmmm...most of it IS from other sources..
23:41 i would reckon only 5-6 seconds of actual camera shoot
the last part where the hand seems to fold/tear the page..
Farrish: yeah\
me: the rest are all clips..
23:42 Farrish: yup
think the hand belonged to him
to save cost again...
me: maybe..
he needs to go to a better school of movie directing
Farrish: hahaha
me: limkokwing should be good
23:43 Farrish: guess so
me: a lot of creative juices there..
Farrish: cant think of any good dutch movies....
he might not afford limkokwing
since everyone is sueing his @$$
23:44 me: what..i'm sure he's salary is enough to cover long distance learning
Farrish: guess he spent his paycheck on dis thing called a documentary/short film....
23:45 me: hmm...btw, i dont think he can be sued for the film
Farrish: how so?
me: he might be sued for his action of disrupting public peace...
but the film...i dont think so..
Farrish: heard that dutch co's wanna sue him for lost of income
23:46 me: the content is basically an interpretation from his POV on the Quran
obviously he did not hire good translators..
Farrish: hahaha

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