Thursday, 1 November 2007

Election Manifesto

Throughout my short adult life, severals of my friends, officemates and family members for unknown reasons suggested that I become a politician. I do not know what they see in me to suggest such thing. Though, if such a chance do happen, I'll be a terrible politician. First of all I'm a natural introvert, I can't stand talking to strangers. The idea of approaching an unknown person and greet him or her fills my heart with fear. Second, I can't really articulate that well and I speak in a direct manner. Third, I read too much fantasy and fictions. Fourth, my personal background is shady, though that is an area that I won't detail out. The list goes on and on really.

But if somehow, you're all unlucky enough to get me as your elected representative (may God have mercy on your souls), this would be some part of my election manifesto :

A) Statehood
1. Upholding the spirit of the Constitution within the context of a free, democratic and liberal nation.
2. Upholding the rule of law and due process.
3. Upholding the principal of the separation of power between the three branch of government.
4. Ensuring the participation of all citizen in the nation dialogue.

B) Governance
1. Reemphasizing accountability, transparency and good governance as the core principal of governance.
2. Restructuring the Cabinet and government machinery to be leaner and more efficient.
3. Creating an official shadow Cabinet to check the actual Cabinet.
4. Creating the office of Ombudsman elected by Parliament. And reposition the Attorney - General to be under the ambit of Parliament.
5. Reintroduce election at local government.

C) Socio-economy
1. To provide a safe and secure environment for all citizen to live in.
2. To provide free and quality health care for all citizens.
3. To provide free and quality education for all citizens from primary until tertiary level.
4. Recognizing Malaysia as a free market with a liberal approach to policy making.
5. Introduce a Subsidy Reduction Policy that will reduce the nation dependence on subsidies.

I'll add some more and elaborate later.

3 comments: said...

amryl for prez

Amryl said...

That'll be the day

Maggie said...

I'm still waiting for that day. :) Go Amryl! ^_^