Thursday, 20 November 2008

A Time to Reflect!

It is time for this nation to stop and reflects on her current condition. We are at a crossroad, the world is at a crossroad. This is an opportunity for us to lead the way rather than to act re-actively.

On matters of unity, let us all concentrate on our shared past and experiences, look into our similarities and build on that. Let us go beyond race, skin colour, religion, language and build upon empathy, brotherhood/sisterhood, love, caring as the basis of our nation.

On matters of education, let us look for the best in our young and future generations, so that they'll lead this nation to greatness. We all are the same, our children are the same, we all share a hope and a destiny in this nation of ours.

On matters of economy, let us throw away the shackles of poverty not only that of capital, but also the poverty of thoughts. New skills and knowledge should be created and shared with everybody. Let new opportunities be created and shared equally with all.

We all share a common bond in this country of ours. We all share a common destiny. We all dream a common happiness.

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Maggie said...

Well said, Amryl! n_n